A Few Simple Tips to Quickly Ease Dental Braces Pain

Braces provide a solution for misaligned, uneven teeth, but they can cause pain for some wearers, especially if they’re new and after they’ve been in the mouth for a period of time. While it is important to contact your orthodontist near me torrance for braces pain, there are a few remedies that may help mend the pain for the time being.

Ice Pack

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An ice pack is one of the first solutions we turn to when there is pain because it numbs the area so we don’t feel a thing. When you feel braces pain, perhaps an ice pack is all that you need to numb the area and stop the pain.

Over-the-Counter Oral Pain Reliever

Over the counter oral pain relievers oftentimes stop toothaches for children and adults but that is only one of their purposes. Children and adults dealing with braces pain can apply this treatment three – four times per day for fast, effective pain relief.

Over-the-Counter Pain Relievers

In addition to oral pain relievers, you can also take ibuprofen or a medication like Tylenol to help stop back pain. You can find those designed specifically for tooth and braces pain but it is not necessary to use one designed for this purpose.

Salt Water Gargle

Mix one tablespoon salt with one full cup of lukewarm water. Gargle with the mixture, spitting out after you’ve gargled. The salt should help minimize any infection that may have occurred.  It also reduces swelling so pain should subside.

Final Word

The tips above are a few ideas that can stop braces pain when you or your child has a hard time. Use one of more of the ideas here to get fast relief when it is needed the most.